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Series of educational mobile games teaching the essentials of venture capital investments through real-life applications.

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DraperX 🤝 Meet the Drapers

Launching in partnership with the popular TV Show series "Meet The Drapers", DraperX Game users will be able to invest their funny money in season 5 startups, earn pseudo-returns and celebrate learnings with fun activities and prizes.


More questions? Contact us at support@draperx.vc.

What is DraperX Game?

DX Game is a series of educational venture capital simulation games. The pilot launch is in partnership with the popular TV Show Meet the Drapers. Different modes and versions will be released in the future.

Where can I watch Meet the Drapers?

All the seasons are available on the official website of Meet the Drapers, Time's Group Network and the YouTube channel "DraperTV".

What are DraperCreds?

DraperCred is in-app money to be pseudo-invested in DraperX Game startups. All users will have 50,000 DraperCreds on their starting balance. It can be refilled daily with the help of the Magic Ball in the game. Check it out!

What is a leaderboard?

Top-performing startups and investors are listed on separate leaderboards. The top 3 teams and top-100 investors of the game receive prizes.

How are returns on pseudo-investments calculated?

Pseudo-returns on pseudo-investments are calculated based on the selection of judges, popular vote results, and the use of wild card (used by Tim Draper to select 3 semi-finale participants). Depending if the startup moves to semi-finale, finale, or wins different multipliers to the pseudo-invested amount are applied. Sorry for using this “pseudo” so often, we just need to do it in order not to be jeopardized by regulators.

What are the prizes?

Both startups and investors will receive cool prizes ranging from a book with Tim Draper’s signature, Draper University scholarship, invitation to exclusive events, and more.

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